A lot of people are easy to dismiss hydrogen fuel cells without considering about the practical applications for them.

Sure, terrestrial EVs are better off as BEVs but for commercial applications such as Trucks and Ships, and now for flying taxis, I believe Hydrogen is the way to go.
Fantastic, a spinner (as from Blade Runner!) Not too much stilting underneath. And it really does have a lot in common with the AD Police doublewreck air police, to look at it.
@Saigvre Agreed! the bladerunner look is just superb!
The Cormorant design with the back wing and pusher fans looks a lot more efficient. Add a couple smaller pusher fans and another short wing to the front.
I feel like I'm living through another revolution (I've lived through the computer, internet and smartphone revolutions already)...
I don't care WHO says WHAT, This Cityhawk needs to be a top commercialized vehicle, It's the ultimate in aesthetics, and economical efficiency as well as a nicely blended in footprint !
This vehicle looks incredible no matter how you look at it. An absolute Must Have in the up and coming Revolution ! ! !
That top down view puts a big smile on my face, this machine really looks incredibly exciting :D
Nelson Hyde Chick
Flying taxis will be laud, but no big deal because only the rich will be able to own them, so who cares if the poor masses have to deal with the noise.
George Kafantaris
Flying cars are the only way we can have true driverless transportation. They can travel in more directions and in dozens of layered altitudes. Their movement can be controlled not only by their onboard computer, but also by a central system that would sync them with the other flying cars around them. Such a system can spontaneously adjust to changing traffic and local weather conditions.