"Senior Vice President of Knowledge"? You're kidding me, right? Can a company create a more arrogant title?
That's pretty cool, I hope he got more footage from the jump than just that short video.
Extremely disappointing video footage
Karen Burns
How can he top that adrenaline rush?
Christian Lassen
That was a REALLY hard landing. Hope his back is okay
As I discovered at my 30th high school reunion my class mate Andreas Dachtler, did a chute less jumps, also known as the Banzai skydive, from 11.000 feet.
Marco McClean
I hope I don't seem ungrateful. It's an interesting, expensive project involving real civilian space science and I'm glad to know about it, but... "...freefall assisted by a stabilizing drogue...123,414 ft in four minutes and 27 seconds and reach a speed of 822 mph (1,323 km/h) before slowing in the thickening atmosphere and deploying his parachute..." We're only shown like five seconds of that, and there's no actual sound, radio chatter or otherwise. I want to see and hear the whole thing, especially including the ascent and the "half an hour enjoying the view before cutting himself free..." Maybe they'll release it later.
Nothing like testing your own creation yourself.
Martin Hone
None of these jumps compare with that of Col. Kittinger's original.....
Nelson Hyde Chick
And what did this waste of time and resources accomplish other than give the jumper an altitude chubby?