And just ilke the Batmobile it's entirely fictional.
Ooooooh! New vaporware!
Reminds of the superpowers describing their new jets in the 1950s. 1. Goes 1200 MPH. 2. Carries 6000 LBS of ordnance. 3. Has a range of 3000 miles. 4. Only requires a 2000 foot runway. What they don't tell you: 1. Carries almost no fuel or ordnance 2. Carries almost no fuel and requires 15,000 foot runway 3. At 200 MPH and again no ordnance. 4. When carrying almost no fuel, no ordnance and with 4 rocket boosters. Okay. My house has a 200 amp service at 220 volts. My utility won't and can't provide more. I suppose if you live next to Three Gorges dam this dream (?) car would be ideal.
Hey Loz, this Alieno thing brings out the joker in you, eh? After all, it is comical, at least until we see it in the flesh...
I want one. Bring on the lottery.....
Bulgarian BS flavored vapor ware. "Looking for investors" is the next step.
Loz. ya made it fun to read more than I normally would.....Thx
Rocky Stefano
If anything I'd donate US $500 to a good cause just to see Loz do the dance!
Coming to a video game near you.
So, can the Chinese copy one, make it a bit less expensive so the common man can maraud around with the rich boys? Thinking like maybe under $50k?