Earl Cameron
not a bad list but what about shadowgun:deadzone, need for speed most wanted and granny smith(to name a few)?
Simon Schubert
Great Big War Game is my fav :) whats about Orc Genocide?
"Where's My Water" is one of me and my 9yr old daugthers favourites
Yusuf Khan
I think at least one racing game has to be in there, either Need For Speed or Asphalt or both.
Jon A.
Great article! I see a lot of Great Big War Game in my future, particularly since Nintendo isn't doing anything with Advance Wars.
Tom Moris
Nice article, i "lost" many hours with this games ;) Now im "losing" my time with streetquest - run is a game one of my personal best for like month.
Facebook User
Try 50 stones - a different game which will immediately promtp your ambition https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.coachingsessions.psychologicfree
Alice Taylor
Dead space is my all time favorite game! I recently installed Pocket Mafia on my Android phone.
Stephen Bulsara
my all time best game has to be wild blood with brilliant game play
Zach Webb
"Bard's Tale", "Solar 2" and "Need For Speed: Most Wanted" are great games. although they are not free the graphics are great and the gameplay is impeccable.