Thanks for the responsible riding demonstration.
Congrats on the product launch. As I uderstand it, a lot of motorcross technology and products design makes it way into a lighter version for mountain bikes. I am hoping electric cycles (in competittion to Internal Combusion Engines) do well as a product we can have cheaper and better e-bikes!
When touring, at the most, I'd expect to do up to 800 miles per day. To achieve that I would need to travel at up to 90+ mph some of the time. 40 miles, per charge is pathetic! For those that want a weekend toy, for half an hour or so, per day, they may be fine, but whatever their speed and acceleration capabilities, electric machines have a long, long, way to go before they will be suitable to replace big touring machines, that take two up, and luggage, over hundreds of miles per day.
Captain Danger
You tour on a motocross? For a commute to and from work and a bit of fun on the side these bikes seem very reasonable. CAVUMark - Hell Ya!
I've been riding for 40 years. I own a Yamaha WR250R. So: 1.) Doing wheelies in front of cars, in a tunnel, and riding on national landmarks like the turrets above SF is irresponsible. 2.) 40+ miles will never be enough for someone who rides on trails and roads even for a single day. My bike does 150 miles on a 3 gallon tank. Do I ride 150 miles? No. But knowing I have that kind of reserve is nice in case I get lost, go down a trail that dead ends and I have to go back, get stuck in sandy/snowy/muddy conditions that drag mileage down dramatically, etc. This range is 100% fine for in city stuff or track, though. 3.) As soon as they offer a bike that size with 100 miles or more of off road range (150 miles of on road range) I'll buy it. I can't wait.
@Nik -- very few riders would even contemplate, let alone do 900 miles per day when touring, so why bring up inflated figures? These bikes are clearly not built for range but even so they may suffice for a majority of riders as daily commuters. The US Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, reports that 85% of commuters average commuting distance to and from work is below 50 miles, and for most it is much less. So no reason to disparage EVs of any kind if usage fits the driver.
Questionable riding practices aside, it seems counter-intuitive to add an annoying musical track that negates appreciation of just how quiet these machines are.
MartinVoelker; First you need to read, I said ''up to 800 miles,'' not 900, but I assure you thats not unusual in Europe. In the USA, when I was looking at second hand bikes some years ago, there were many advertised 10 years old and 10k miles. ie 1K miles per year. As I also said, weekend toys. I used to ride Calais to Gibraltar, about 1600 miles, 48 hours, and that on old roads, single carriageway, not auto-route/interstate type, and an old British twin. When touring the USA, even with its pathetic speed limits, I travelled Charleston to Connecticut in a day, easily, as part of a 21,000 mile tour. I met one chap, American, who had clocked up 75,000 miles over several months, on a BMW. My comment was aimed at EB's in general, not specifically commuters. At the moment, all EB's are only suitable as weekend toys, they just dont have the range for anything else.
Derek Howe
loved the video, a bit irresponsible...yes, but looked like fun, and I was even enjoying the promo vid. Glad prices are coming down.
The irresponsible riding demo was GREAT, thanks. Now we know they're wheelieable. And thanks for lowering the price. Let me know when they're half Zero's prices, about $5k less.