love it!
Leonard Foster Jr
Very nice and well thought out, kind of pricey
Bob Stuart
An aircraft enthusiast should know better to copy retro "streamline" styling and call it aerodynamic. A 30 deg angle on the back actually maximizes drag.
I have to agree with Bob as this could be made without the moving roof and have lower aero drag, more room, stronger and less weight.
The back angle needs to be more like 4-7 degree and cut off in the rear, not much lower than the center height. Plus that shape has too much lift breaking into vortexes could cause towing problems.
So do the normal teardrop shape in front and just bring the roof back with a gentle curve cut of sq is good for them and the front and rear sides come inward so a gentle curve front to rear is the ticket.
If you keep this shape light it might not even take power to tow it, the aero drag savings from cleaning up the towing vehicle's airsteam saves enough power to cover the trailer drag if done very well.
Very similar to the "Wild Goose" do it yourself trailer featured in the April,1953 issue of Popular Mechanics.
Cool,but not exactly: "Raising the bar with an intelligent and modern teardrop design"...
Google: Wild Goose Trailer
Some of the Teardrop Trailer compilation CD's on EBay feature the Wild Goose and include plans.
I'm not knocking these guys, I just see a lot more clever,innovative designs of all kinds in those old Popular Mechanics that were intended to be built by folks at home than I actually see being built and sold these days, anywhere.
The primary difference between the two trailers is that the Wild Goose is probably lighter because it had soft "pop-up" sides, which is cheaper&easier to build at home, especially in 1953.... right at 61 years ago!
At least these guys are trying to produce something relatively innovative within the context of their industry.
It is of more significance to me that they are trying to produce something of durable quality that is not just disposable junk, like so many "modern" trailers on the market.
Unfortunately, people like me will just have to keep building their own because quality is expensive and as the old saying goes, "If you want something done right- do it yourself".
For those who are interested, you should check out some of the Teardrop Trailer CD's on eBay for more "new" ideas.
Some of them even have plans for home built submarines....
I had the chance to buy one of these original teardrop trailers (roof didn't raise) for $350. It was very tempting. You could stand up in the front part and sleep in a full sized bed. I used to see some of these when I was a little kid, must be 65 years ago.
Mark Yormark
Now if they could use the same concept with a 5th wheel trailer with two axles. That would be my next trailer purchase.
Richard Auchus
Martin Hone
Nothing new or innovative here. Recycling of old technology. Not that there is anything wrong with that !
From the pics, to me, the inside has a bright and open feel due to upper row of windows. Yes, a bit pricey, but much of the new stuff is. Diy is much cheaper and flexible but some of us are getting lazy with age, lol. That said, if we were looking for something small and lightweight, had some extra dispensable cash, I might give this one a second look. Seemed kinda cool behind the jeep in those pics.