cool, who does it?
Elmer Neutzling
If only.... After years of proposed "miracle cures" and scores of failed human testing protocols, I've become jaded by new claims. We can only wait and see. My wife has Early Onset Alzheimer's disease and I'd be willing to try anything to help find a cure for her. Including a trip to Australia.
Tas Rush
To pickypilot with regards to your wife's Alzheimer this 20 minute 2 part video might help her.I strongly suggest you watch it in youtube. It's called:-
"Dr. Newport's effective work on memory loss and Alzheimer's with coconut oil- Part I "
Don Rathburn
I am going to start pressing my ultrasonic toothbrush to my skull for an hour every day. Do you think that will help me ?
@pickypilot: I don't mean to be flip or glib, but marijuana delays the onset of this disease, so at the early-onset stage it might still be of help?
Don Duncan
I am 3 months into using Cardio-C crystals in water twice daily to clear my arteries and improve my memory. At 72 I have had increasing trouble with my memory for years. How long? I can't remember.
Cardio-C is Dr. Paulings formula. I think it is working but time will tell.
I mistakenly used calcium ascorbate for 30 years because it is non-acidic, thinking this would do the same thing. I does not. My bad.
Tan Nim
""The approach is able to temporarily open the blood-brain barrier, activating mechanisms that clear toxic protein clumps and restoring memory functions," adds Professor Götz. "With our approach the blood-brain barrier’s opening is only temporary for a few hours, so it quickly restores its protective role.""
This part concerns me, as it would have to be done in an ultra-sterile environment in order to protect from outside bacteria, fungal, and viral invaders, and there's no guarantee that others within the body couldn't then cross over the opened barrier and cause even more damage. It looks promising, but there is still that huge risk there.
Kevin Ritchey
My best friend's mother is suffering from Alzheimer's and my mother has Parkinson's so I would be interested if their is any cross-over disease attenuation percentage between the two and if therapies such as this could be applied to both in significant averages. Both are degenerative and plaque buildup with neuron degradation seem to be associated with both in varying degrees so treatments that may vary from these procedures would also be of great interest. Only recently has progress been seen in both and with it's genetic predisposition potential, we as their children would take great interest in future studies as it may affect us as well. Anything that can stall or prevent such maladies is important to anyone who is approaching the latter portions of their lifespan so any new news is always welcome. Thank you for writing this article.
To reiterate: THIS IS HUGE
Just hope I remember it when I need it. At 70 that's no joke. This deserves a FDA fast(est) track since the people it could help the most can hardly be harmed by it more than they already are.