Bill Bennett
My front and back yards are lots of trees, guess I will have to stick with Brown for delivery, works for me.
Jeremy Davies
Hmmm seems like a good time to get into the air-rifle business? I can just see the fun that will be had with these things until they are withdrawn from service (quite rapidly I would imagine!).
Right idea - Wrong world....
How about delivery of essential supplies to stranded mountaineers, or similar, maybe medical supplies in disaster zones?
Robert Walther
I have to agree with Davies above. This might be appropriate for some emergency type situations, but I think even a non gun owner like myself could get behind 'open season', no limit on this and many other types of drones.
So the skies of USA will become a huge piƱata filled with valuable electronics and other stuff to anyone with a bb gun or even a large enough stick.
Mel Tisdale
Never mind bb guns or air pistols, let technology fight technology; let's all get GPS jammers so we can have a go at the autonomous cars when Amazon gives up on the idea.
Mexoplex 5 Million
This is the problem for Technology-the Ignorant. Why would you shoot down a drone? Do you shoot the mailman when he cuts through your lawn? The only people that should be worried about surveillance drones are Meth dealers and illegal weed growers. The same people that want to shoot down drones because they are "violating their Rights as an American" are the same ones that don't vote, try to get out of jury duty and all their passwords/pin are "1234" or "Password". Hey Mouth-breathers, nobody cares about your un-kept yard rebel flag trailer park.
Why would anyone use Clarkson as such a loser. They need to make is out of foam so it hurts nothing if it comes down wrong and just 2 co-axial rotors above is more stable, lower cost, longer range, higher payload by a factor of 2+. Personally drones are going to be much more trouble than they are worth.
I'm finally glad to read comments about how residential drone delivery is such a joke of an idea. Not only do I agree that it will be a target shooters paradise but frankly I just dont want to walk my dog, have a BBQ or be playing outside with my kid and have these things buzzing above me. I agree for emergency and remote access situations theres a use case but not in densely populated areas. Lets put a stop to this riduculous idea now!!!!
Why would someone want to stop this? Why would you not want to get deliveries in 30 minutes? What's wrong with people? Do you mouth breathers think it will be legal for some reason to destroy Amazon's expensive property? You would go to jail, same if you tampered with a UPS truck. Morons.