Is the blood being used for this donated to the blood bank? I think there are lots of younger folks in the valley who would sell their blood to the cause to help them pay valley rents.
Readout Noise
Want some snake oil with your young blood, sir?
I would suspect that this type of transfusion has been done for decades just not recorded. I'm sure a lot of 18 year old blood is being given to the older accident victims.
So it's not enough to burn most of the fossil fuel on the planet and leave our descendants with a filthy, crime ridden planet... we must now suck the very blood from their veins? Seems outright immoral to me.
No risk, at all, of intravenous drug users selling THEIR blood.
I get frequent emails from my local blood bank saying they have low reserves, and asking for donations (whole blood is not compensated). This seems like a scandalous waste.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
I am waiting for the story of young body builders growing muscles for old people.
@Pablo On the contrary, I don't think the young are being victimized. That's only the case if there is any merits to the claims, and I see none. In this case, provided Ambrosia's cut isn't too much, I would say the only victims are the recipients in this case. However they are knowing and wealthy but just gullible, so I have little sympathy. As for the donors, not only are they getting paid, there are also proven benefits of lower heart attack risk for regular blood donors, so good for them.
Although, I have no doubts that young blood can be effective, I believe there are a few issues to be considered.
- the blood should be pathogen/drugs free. So, unless it comes from young virgin mormons/evangelicals (ironic), it will be hard to find some
- the half life of biological molecules in the blood doesn't exceed three weeks max, and those responsible for the youthful effect are most likely in the few days/hours range. Therefore, a transfusion should be performed on a weekly/daily basis to actually benefit from it.
- the enterprise will be short lived. Because, as soon as the molecule(s) responsible for the effect are pinned down (few years from now), they can be produced in the lab
Vampires were right.
Next we will find out that the brain matter of the young keep the elderly young in mind too ...
Zombies were right.