Hopefully something will come from the new sodium battery from Brookhaven to increase flight time. Batteries seem to be the Achilles heel when it comes to electric flight.
Were the diesel and generator carried as dead weight or will they reduce payload when added?
I think I'd prefer the ground-effect over water version.
Great accomplishment and specs. Hope to see it affordable in kit form.
Oh great! A diesel generator to extend flight time!
Pat Pending
Aside from the fact that I have always liked amphibious aircraft this is the future of "electric" aircraft. 100kg of batteries giving an endurance of 35 minutes may sound laughable but coupled with a Wankel diesel engine powered generator makes for, potentially, some very efficient flight. Also with a puller prop mounted on a high tail possibly some very low cockpit noise levels. The engine only needs to kick in for cruise, charging the batteries to full at the same time, leaving you thirty odd minutes of electric powered flight in the event of engine failure. The P2 Xcursion looks to be a slick design borrowing from some highly successful past amphibians like the Lake Buccaneer. I am normally highly cynical about any form of electric flight for the obvious energy density to weight problems but coupling a Wankel engine to a generator is a genius combination that should make for a compact, highly efficient, quiet power plant. I will be following the development of this aircraft with great interest.
What a pretty little airplane! Looks like a blast to fly!
Pretty bird! That looks like a handy plane for the Scandinavians, with all their fiords (Drove my Ford to the fiord, but the fiord was dry) up there. The specs seem too good to be true. I wonder how quickly airports will adapt to provide charging stations for e-aircraft. What's the deal with the Wankel diesel and Energio generator? Could that be installed in an electric car for 2k mile range? More info, please. And oh, dear God, I hate it when they use the A word. (affordable) It usually means "I'm going to grab your wallet and run!" Happy Earth Day, y'all!
Very cool! But is a low wing a good idea on a water landing airplane? Isn’t it more likely to catch a wave that way? Educate me please.
I think that is both cool and green. It is - IMO - a beautiful design. It indicates a Wankel engine? I know that Liquid Piston has a similar style engine that they are working on. I believe it can run on a variety of fuels. Intelligent Energy has some compact fuel cells. I wonder if that would work with this design?