Robert Walther
These huge stone artefacts were quarried, erected and intelligently carved 7,000 years before the Egyptian Pyramids?! NASA sea level charts put ocean levels at least 50-60 feet lower then than now. If all of these things are true, there will be major human archeological features off current seashores just about everywhere.
Matt Fletcher
I looked up the lion pillar their talking about, it's a lion with a scratch running through it. It's like saying the Mona Lisa depicts the end because she's smirking in the face of death. Both suggestions make no sense and are stupid. Göbekli Tepe is of great significance and suggestions such as this diminish it's importance to the geological find as a whole. Shouldn't have been published.
Watch Joe Rogan's podcast with Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson, they've been saying this for years and years, I personally love their rebuke of the notion that there was no pre-ice age civilization and that people just allofasudden somehow got the idea and drive out of the blue to build such a massive temple out of nowhere, and the podcast also covers what Robert Walther commented about here:
If a sudden influx of cold, fresh water into the ocean causes global cooling, perhaps global warming causing the glaciers and ice caps to melt will result in global cooling!
Robert, you are correct.
The Cosquer cave is home to a unique cache of prehistoric art on the south coast of France. Occupied by Stone Age artists during the early period of Gravettian art, it can now only be entered through an underwater tunnel whose entrance is some 40 metres below sea level.
Jason Pase
One the best books on this topic is written by Graham Hancock and it's called "Magician of the Gods".
I'd also echo what ProfessorWhat commented on here and direct people to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #872 >
Tim Craig
Did parts of this comet break off and wipe out Sodom and Gomorrah?
In reply to Robert Walther-- Yes, see also egyptian styled pyramids (interesting similar architecture) off coasts, underwater-- One is off the coast of south Florida..towards the Gulf of Mexico side. Lots of megaliths worldwide that we cannot--even now-- create and move with our advanced machinery.. see also Dead Men's Secrets by Jonahtan Gray for an interesting take on the subject of prehistoric technology.
@Tim Craig Not unless the part of the comet remained in space and intersected Earth's orbit many many centuries later. Keep your eyes open for this year around Sept 23rd, there might be a pattern of collisions recorded/predicted in the Bible fated to happen again.
Catastrophic Flooding From Ancient Lake May Have Triggered Cold Period
sciencedaily. com/releases/2004/12/041219152011. htm
Date: January 3, 2005 Source: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Summary: Imagine a lake three times the size of the present-day Lake Ontario breaking through a dam and flooding down the Hudson River Valley past New York City and into the North Atlantic. The results would be catastrophic if it happened today, but it did happen some 13,400 years ago during the retreat of glaciers over North America and may have triggered a brief cooling known as the Intra-Allerod Cold Period.
Paleogeography 13,400 years ago. Glacial Lake Iroquois is held back by an ice dam in northern New York. When that dam collapsed it drained (red arrows) into the lakes within the Champlain and Hudson Valleys, breaching the Narrows Dam (near New York City). It cascaded across the then exposed continental shelf to the North Atlantic Ocean. This release of meltwater reduced the flow of the Gulf Stream and caused an abrupt climate cooling in the Northern Hemisphere that lasted several hundred years.