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I love the look of this! Way to go Honda- nice design elements for sure!
William H Lanteigne
Interesting, but why is it necessary to \"provide the pilot... with significant protection from the bodywork and doors?\"
What\'s so dangerous about the bodywork and doors??
Bob Ehresman
I wonder what it would take to convince Honda to just provide a full canopy for this trike?
I am anxiously watching the industry for a 1 or 2 seat plug-in or plug-in hybrid trike that will provide the rider with a safety cell, environmental controls and protection from the weather, go at least highway speeds, and having about 60 or 70 mile range. I enjoyed riding a bike for a while (still do, really) but slick roads, broken bones, & road rash have cured me of any real interest in all-weather commuting on a two wheeler. This beastie is painfully close to what I am now watching for. I\'d even appreciate the topless configuration for those fair weather rides.
There is *NO* way this thing would clear the speed bump just outside my street.. Ed
Must be annoying to ride when the top of the windscreen ends just in the middle of your field of vision.
I wonder where the water drains from if you don\'t close th canopy in time in rain?
@ Bob Ehresman I\'m right there with you on your points buddy.
Very sad to see Vanderbrink with it\'s Carver went bankrupt, and although I like it\'s licensee Venture One\'s concepts, it\'s pretty obvious that they\'re dead in the water too.
Let\'s hope someone develops and markets a enclosed three wheeler that is for every day street use.
btw, for anyone not wearing a VISORED helmet, that windshield would go right through the driver\'s face in a crash or even hard stop. Whats that going to cost you Honda?
Keep trying and good luck though!
Will, the tink
Mr. \"Ed\", Your confusing privacy walls with speed bumps buddy. Make sure your still on the pavement! ;>)
Do it once, a three-wheeled car, convertible, for a single passenger. This does not look like anything! Much less with a bomb shell without the overlay coating.
\"protection from doors and bodywork\" means, I believe \"protection thanks to doors...\" There is however, the posibility of bouncing off the walls in a small space. We fixed that in racing vehicles long ago and I have been in cars using owner installed full race harness. Good on the head, which seat/shoulder belts leave free to whiplash injury.
This is a good \"concept\" vehicle, but I\'d never use it even for free as stated all the common sense flaws commented above. And then theres the luggage space issue.
Why are all new offerings sexed up and made for the unreal world? I\'d like some help in getting a real world common sense vehicle made here in the USA, a no tabs no license electric hybrid with pedals. lkh2.com