if there is an idea, then quite often another point of view can see another opportunity within that idea., This 3 speed transmissionn seems to be something all the others missed so good luck to Antonov
The real question is what makes this transmission superior to other off the shelf transmissions for electric vehicles.
There is no evidence that battery based electric cars are cleaner that IC, steam, pneumatic, or sterling cycle powered cars. The electricity must be generated somewhere and today that mostly means coal. And lets not forget the battery is energy intensive to manufacture, and will have to be replaced in 4-6 years.
If you want to have practical electric cars, provide on the road electrical delivery for main roads. I prefer a non-physical contact induction system built into the road surface, but overhead electrical wires like most electrified railroads use, and for the life of me I don\'t understand why the NY city subway doesn\'t may be better, but it does not have the \'cool\' factor.
Let\'s just not get carried away with multiple speeds. Electric motors do after all have insanely broad power band characteristics. And I would say that motor and power supply designers have not exhausted their bag of tricks to eliminate some of the efficiency losses that occur at the varying speed/power combination of single speed drives. . Until then, two speeds is probably enough to increase efficiency. Three probably doesn\'t get you that much more in the efficiency game, but I can see how it might enable you to shift gears less often in typical mid-speed traffic situations. Shifting gears smoothly is after all one of the greatest challenges in making an unobtrusive transmission and it\'s taken the auto industry 100 years to finally get that right for the most part. The quest for smooth shifts is what makes transmissions so fiendishly complicated. More gears mean more gear switching. So maybe it might be well to stop at 3, shall we? Unless you\'re traveling 200km/h or something on a regular basis, which is not really the thing to do on limited battery power at this point!
Dave Brumley
Sounds like win-win engineering at its best....
Todd Dunning
Kudos to this article for great technical coverage of the benefits and features of the system. Other off the shelf EV conversions I\'ve seen even integrate a manual transmission... this is a big positive step.
It\'s great to read an EV article without use of the words \'Co2\', \'green\', \'eco-*\',\'climate\' or similar hogwash intended to dumb it down for teens.
Good tech standing on its own without greenwashing... the way it should be.
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one of the major benefits of electric their simplicity and few moving parts, reducing maintanance cost.
transmissions sound like a no-brainer, but if you assume that battery power is going to increase and that motor designs will also increase, than the cost of mass producing an object that is only going to add further maintainance and lubrication costs to your car is not necessarlily an easy sell.
Kim Holder
Great to see an article with some depth on something other than EV basics.
Mark A
Prove the added efficiency and include it... I am still waiting for the VW 1L... who needs electric cars with this vehicle.
Mr Stiffy
People doing their maths, and finding ways to capitalise on obvious short comings.
Very good.
What is the additional cost for this 15% savings, I doubt the 15% savings comes in any driving condition so what are the conditions that get this savings? This transmission will have to handle high torque if this is for a performance vehicle i.e more expensive. Is this transmission a good idea, I am sure in some situations it will be worth the added cost, weight and complexity.