Jonathan Morris
A fair and balanced review, and certainly matches my own opinion; it's a big leap for a 4/4s owner and relatively little for an iPhone 5 owner. And of course that's the point of the 's' models. Given people are generally tied into a contract for 24 months these days, you can argue it's a genius move by Apple to have everyone given a new device to switch to every two years.
Now that the new 'c' line has been created, even the fact it hasn't sold well doesn't change the fact that I can see where Apple can now go with the iPhone. The next iPhone 'c' model can retain the same screen as the 5s, thus satisfying the market that doesn't want a huge phone where one-handed usage is either tricky or impossible.
Leaving the iPhone 6 to push the boundaries a bit further, for all the people that don't mind one bit because they can enjoy bigger photos, games and movies. I fall into that category, and Samsung/Sony/HTC and others clearly show many others do too.
Tom Swift
Gad, I'm sick of hearing about the small screen size of iPhones. How about if Apple added a phone to the ipad and ipad-mini would that make everyone happy? That way those of use who want a phone that fits totally inside a shirt pocket can buy the "tiny" iPhone.
@Tom - it's not so much that Apple really should make a "huge" screen phone, but rather that the iPhone5 now looks quite small, even compared to mid-range Android or even Windows phones.
I have a Nokia 928 that fits QUITE nicely in my shirt pocket. The GS4 fits quite nicely in a shift pocket. The iPhone does fit well . . . but there's nothing magic about its size. It could, and I would argue, should, be larger.
It's a problem, and I would think that Apple would address it. IMHO, they would have done themselves a significant service had they upgraded the 5 and then created a SLIGHTLY larger one - and just scale up the screen (and down the DPI a touch to keep their ratio) . . .
Your review was all about the "Smart" and fully neglected the phone"! Voice is still the primary application in any smartphone. What is the voice quality? How is it as a phone? I have found my 4s to have terrible voice quality.
Scott Kowalski
I agree with Tom .. I like that my phone fits in my pocket and I can't tell it's there. i don't want a bigger screen.. I don't want to carry a computer with me I want a phone that has those functions but still feels like a phone noy an ipad. Stay the Course Apple!
Nice review. Been an android user from the start and have thought about switching. Still not 100% convinced. Biggest complaint I have about my android is battery life. I have it plugged in when I'm at home, at work and in my car...silly. Oh, and I actually prefer the smaller iPhone screen..easier to use with one hand.
The 64 bit addition has to do with eliminating dropouts and handshake delays while using the phone when traveling.
Fairly solid and respectable review. The only thing that makes me wonder about the 5s is your best thing comment being the Touch ID. It seems a little like a last resort to bring something new to the table instead of just another safe iPhone. Apple fans will / did jump all over it being diehards.
Lewis M. Dickens III
John Ive absolutely is a very fine designer and he got sickened by all of the ornate, gilt crap out there and has the guts to demand the App designers get on board hence making iOS devices look, clean, neat, modern and precipitating no baso vegal events.
I phones clearly, the most handsome, effete, and elegant.
But it is absurd that the clock does not read seconds, insulting no choice.
And the Calendar really sucks, utterly retrogressive. This day and age? NaaaaaaAAaaaAAah! Grow up and get down to work!
The sound of the phone is very high quality.
And yes a row of 5 icons would be awfully handy and still fit in the pocket.
No talk of waterproof yet??
I just don''t get that they would hand over education to the damnable TI junk... That seems so dense, I can't believe it!
Robert Meurant
If you want a fast exceptionally good handling a Ferrari, If you want good performance with a Mercedes... Same with mobile phones...flash doesn't always cut it.