That\'s heart-warming to know Apple cares about the environment...but not the working environment of the people who make its products that lead to them feeling suicidal.
It\'s all about public image, its easier to openly promote \'green\' activities and draw attention away from terrible working conditions of workers who are not allowed to speak to anyone about what really goes on to make products for Apple.
Yeah chop down that forest!!!!! Plant solar panels to heat up the planet! Well done!
OMG they are going to exchange their reflective roof to some solar panels? They already chopped down the forest, which happens to be the most effective against global warming... sigh
Michael Kamrath
Hm. And I\'m thinking all of these comments are being sent from....drumroll....
Put solar collectors on the roofs, put solar collectors over the parking lots, even put solar collectors over public roads, but cutting down trees to put up solar collectors in their place is just asinine.
Paul Perkins
About time that Google did the same. Their power consumption is the same as a small size city. Well done Apple.
Fretting Freddy the Ferret pressing the Fret
I like the last paragraph of this article. This public stunt of generating greener energy is indeed but a drop in the bucket and in the end doesn\'t make much of a difference.
On a somewhat unrelated note, I remember in this interview with Steve Jobs recognizing the problem of energy supply in the future, but he didn\'t personally have any investments in it, leaving it to other people to solve it.
re; Fretting Freddy
The electricity supply problem is the fools that prevent us from using nuclear power.
As the vast majority of Apple\'s manufacturing, assembly, and transport; i.e. the major sources of their greenhouse gas emissions, take place outside the U.S.A. this is obviously a cynical attempt to placate the home-based green lobby. The response to questions regarding their effects elswhere in the world would no doubt be something along the lines of, \"We are not responsible for the policies of our suppliers. It is up to them to take whatever actions they deem appropriate.\" However, any significant investment in green technology on the part of said suppliers would no doubt lead to price increases, and the loss of Apple contracts.
re; A\'Tuin
First. AGW has been proven to be a fraud. Second. If these systems can be proven to be more cost effective they will spring up elsewhere.