Where do I send my CV? Suppose I\'ve got 4 years to get moved over
I am a little surprised they didn\'t make an apple shape? I wonder if he install car charging points as well?
I can\'t quite make out the rocket boosters.
This building can\'t be that green because of the amount of glass it uses which is considered to be one of the least \'green\' building materials available.
I hope Steve Jobs enjoys his glass donut. Wouldn\'t it have made more sense to build the building in the shape of the Apple logo?
Also, I\'m pretty sure it will get build because Mr Jobs said he would simply relocate to another site and/or State if the council said no and take his workers with him.
Renārs Grebežs
Oztechi, modern building use polycarbonate and the like.. Great looking building by the way))
Facebook User
I take it inside the ring is where the night time ceremonies and incantations take place, away from the prying eyes of non-members of the apple \'family\'?
Pretty neat building way to go Apple!!
that\'s not a spaceship. The Romans and Greeks were building houses much like this over 2,000 years ago. It\'s just a villa. (a building built around a garden, and completely enclosing the garden.)
Like most of what Apple does, it is something that has already been done, with a couple of minor changes and a lot of hype to make the easily fooled believe it is new and innovative.
Crop circle?
Vic Vicarious
Why not an Apple shaped building? Simply because when Apple goes down and under, who wants to buy and Apple shaped building. I guess the walls are made of iPads and the doors are huge Mac screens. And when Patent infringement police will come for a visit they will be given the run around round and round. It\'s also a safe shape to protect against a possible attack by 800.000 Chinese employees deciding to visit USA to meet the Boss and apply for a raise and better work environment or will it be a Apple Factory Robot attack? Mr. Foster.. I expected something way more innovating. Lucky the trees will hide the Circus Arena you sold to Apple
Tony Medlin
I just want to know where they found the Zero point module to power it.
Dave Andrews
Looks like Jobs is trying to make his own little \"Mini-Pentagon.\"