Haven't we put this one to bed already? So what are these Cassandras going to do if nothing happens in 10 years? Make another dire prediction for the next 10? They've already done it twice, so it's getting a bit stale.
I remember reading 10 years ago that the Arctic would be free of ice by now and would be a boon to shipping.
Ice-free by 2040? Not according to the measured sea ice trends at the National Snow & Ice Data Center. See graph at https://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/charctic-interactive-sea-ice-graph/. See data at https://nsidc.org/cryosphere/sotc/sea_ice.html. The lowest year was 2012 and summer ice minimum extend has been increasing since then. But why believe measured data when computer models are so much more fun?
I'm always surprised by the amount of climate change deniers who read (and comment on) this website. Either there are more of them out there than I thought, or they all congregate here for whatever reason.
So, there is a natural 12-20 year warm-to-cold mechanism. Are we being told that the climate varies? Well, what do you know? I remember in the 70's we were told we were heading for an ice age.
I have just taken my diesel car out for a spin. It was a guilt trip.
Kwetla, Most people aren't really climate change deniers but they can see through the hype, financial and political motives of those that are pounding us daily with more horror stories and proposing solutions that will increase their wealth and power but not really do much if anything about the climate. When we read articles like this we yawn and say bull. An alarm bell rings every time the words "computer model" come up. Anyone who has worked with computer models will tell you that they don't prove anything. I remember working with five xray interference models. They were all mathematically sound but gave very different answers. Which answer did we accept? The one that we had already predetermined was the most correct. Was it right? I'm 99.9999% sure we don't really know for sure. We used to joke that we could throw the daily temperature in Miami into the equation and correlate it to the data. That was a joke that now seems to have a life of its own.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
Ninety five per cent of the greenhouse effect on the Earth is due to water vapor. The remaining five per cent is mostly split between carbon dioxide and methane. Water vapor represents about 80 % of the man made component. This is mostly due to desert irrigation. About 1 % of the total is due to man made CO2. Making more wood is the best way to address this. The water vapor problem is best addressed by ending desert irrigation. This would also help by increasing the Earth's albedo.
Come on...admit it...this was written by Al Gore, right?
How about reporting on something that's ACTUALLY happening like pole shifting, instead of this panic mongering nonsense?
People who use the term "deniers" are extremists who would: 1) ban all technology around fossil fuel and its production, including cars, trains, airplanes, global shipping, jets, rockets (no more space for us!), gas furnaces, oil (no more plastic, no more asphalt, no fires hot enough to make cement, no more lubricants or machinery, no more paraffin, no more perfume, no more insecticides, and much less sulfur) etc. 2) mandate genocide on the bovine species (because of their methane production, which means legumes may be next on their agenda) [and this is just touching on the subject] 3) their adherents and "scientists" lie, cheat, and steal to make things look worse than they really are. (Algore's movie banned in UK schools) All this to get their precious degree of cooling, only to find out that it didn't make a bloody =iota= of difference in global temps. Their scientists add dozens of new data points each year trying to make their climate model work, yet it never pans out.
I'll sure be happier when this Global Warming/Climate Change fad (major scam) wears out, like their Global Cooling fad did in the '70s.