It might be good for autonomously playing with jumping cats.
Alex Angel
Years ago Intellectual Ventures put out a TED talk with a proof of concept of this idea with a built-in laser that would melt the wings of female mosquitos in mid-air to render them flightless. I remember being very disappointed when I discovered they just wanted to patent & license out the idea rather than develop it themselves. Happy to see SOMEONE finally is developing this!
Oh man that sounds fun. Now they need some kind of gun so I can shoot the little buggers!
@paul314, read the article before trying to be snarky. "To help them see where the insect is, the device laser-projects a box around it, whenever it stops moving." A laser that's not moving won't attract a cat's attention.
or you could take the power filters out and fry those wily bastages on the fly!!
The name sounds suspiciously like"bazinga!" - the term that jokester Sheldon Cooper (on Big Bang Theory) likes to use...
well... i'm not too paranoid.. yet.... wife though, would love this.... i'd hate the price though....
Obviously designed by a couple of swats! (lol) I would call the device Viva ZAPata. It is a very expensive way to indicate mozzies. How about a laser pistol? Some blue lasers are powerful enough.
Please let me know when the 'detect and destroy' version is in the shops, especially if it can deal with flies, too.
juan morales
Fantastic device.
Waiting for the cockroach version!