Derek Howe
Wow, that sounds awesome! I hope the roll out goes good for that lucky city, so it can quickly expand!
Anne Ominous
Sounds like phased-array applied to cell phones.
Sven Ollino
More powerful cancer tubes! Yay!
Mel Tisdale
Does it give the PTB the ability to locate individuals with even more precision than the current system does? And if so, should we be worried? And should we be informed?
my village has no cell phone service at about trying it out here? just a quarter mile up the hillside i could get 5 bars, but getting that signal down to the town is difficult and it takes 45 minutes to drive an ATV up the hill to that spot. i finally had to drop my service for the cell phone.
If everyone in a given area is being given service by, for example, 3 cell towers, isn't the total capacity for combined users limited to the total capacity (band-width) of the 3 towers combined which in turn is limited by the fiber-optic capacity of the towers? This may boost efficiency, but has limits.
Notarichman there are repeaters that you place at the top of the hill and covers the valleys fairly cheaply. A small solar panel could power it.
Get say 10 people together and costs would be fairly small each. You could even start it as a business delivering cell and internet to others out of town range.
Mel since they already track you to a foot in stores like Walgreens by asking your tracker/cell phone, does it matter? We need to just ban most data collection and limit data storage time of what is allowed.
it would have to track you to work properly i would think. but i am still having trouble with the basic thinking behind it. definitely something to watch, it could have applications far beyond cell phones and there ilk
just one question, what is the range of one of these little transmitters, or how far apart can you put them?
Stephen N Russell
mass produce nationwide alone & install reuse idle towers & place these units on them. any Hi rise or billboard can do.