Mark Butler
I've known something was going on with me but I didn't know it had a definition--or a following.
Now I have something new to learn about...
Cheers Mark - one of us! One of us! You're in for a treat, this is highly addictive. :)
I believe (never having spoken to anyone about it) that this is a universal reaction to many of these stimuli is it not?
Tamara Cartwright-Loebl
Intriguing - I can make it about 5 secs into each video before wanting to scream and break stuff - not sure what that means!
Maybe a SLIGHT tingling at the top-back of my head/scalp watching 5 minutes 23 seconds-worth of ASMRrequest, but nothing to make me need to investigate further - though I do find the idea/subject intriguing.
Personally, I found all the womens' voices too --- whispy/whispery(?) --- and Professor Clemmens -- well, I only got 37 seconds into that one.
I wonder if there's any correlation between ASMR and Synaesthesia (seeing sounds as colours)? Pity I don't seem to have either...
Didn't know there were other people out there like myself who experience this. The strongest stimulus in the past for me has been someone making very slow "tasting" noises close to my ear., say four or five inches away. The videos also produce the effect, but not as strongly. It is pleasurable, but not something I've ever sought out over the years.
Cam Macduff
OMG. I had know idea other people had the same experience. Foreign telly marketers hit the spot every time.
I´ve never been very fond of white noise, gentle tapping and so on, kind of annoys me, and to be honest, i thought "ehh.. great... what will they think of next?" ... at first... but then, in the Professor Clemmons video (don´t know if this counts), when he leans into the left side of the camera, like he´s whispering into your ear, i got this goosebumps, and tingly feeling in my lower back, it was crazy weird... felt good and little uncomfortable at the same time... dont´know if that counts, but i´ll definitely look into this, like you said, it varies what people experience.
Btw... ASMRrequests' Sci-Fi Space Travel Role Play is a very cool video!
I loved this article you did. I never thought this is a type of "science". I think this is normal and it makes us human, this is emotions in their purist form, some are just not so strongly "connected" to them but they are there. To the ASMRtists, keep it up guys you are awesome...
Matej Klobusnik
This article is just awesome. I knew about this before and I experience ASMR very often for various reasons but it never occurred to me that videos could be made especially for ASMR. Thank you for opening the new world of these audio/video for me :).