Imran Sheikh
I have some serious concerns about car getting airborne from front like "speed boats" do, in case of "irregular front air streams". Not the steady air streams like you have in which in the tunnels. Please cross check.. before release..
I love cars. This has to be the ugliest one ever made, maybe even worse than the Skoda or the Renault 2CV, though in a wholly different idiom.
Thank god I could never afford one!
Dog ugly and utterly irrelevant, most of these will never see the road.
All the weight savings reminds me of the old Ford GT40- they used taillights from a 1960 Chevrolet Corvair, because they were the lightest on the market.
As to the new car? Looks kinda like a catamaran on wheels...
WhaaZzat? No picture of the Engine and drive train?
Imran: guess you didn't read the article where it describes 1.8 tons of downforce at full speeds.
Mexoplex 5 Million
oh please. Who cares about your 'serious concerns' about this car? As if you're about to buy one. I'm almost 100% positive the engineers at Aston Martin have put in countless more hours of work into this car than you did. So don't worry about the air streams. Get over yourself, and have a nice day.
Paravectorno Extactini
This is how people get down to an 'ideal weight' under 60kg. Or appear to be a subtle road flounder with one or two nearly-flush eyes skyward. The sideshot makes it look like there is no floorboard, but the dash shot shows that darkness will consume you. Protest street cred for the street protester! (Bring whole milk, scissors, tempra paint, batarangs and maybe one of those roll-up synth keyboards.)
Congratulations, at last a car with lots of good ideas. I like the approach of the underbody aerodynamic. Now when you see this car on the road you know direct what maker it is. Unusual today, many times you have to look at the makers logo to know which maker it is. To unconventional? Can I have one to test it.
Stunningly weird.