Raw vegan? What will he be eating in the middle of the Atlantic ocean? Algae?
Keith Reeder
Is the fact that these two are vegan relevant IN ANY WAY to the story?
@ Keith I imagine it is relevant because it shows they practice what they preach. If I remember correctly the UN report claims raising livestock produces an alarming amount of CO2e. It's been claimed that eating meat (especially BEEF) is more detrimental to the environment than driving around an ICE vehicle. (here's the link: )
Keith Reeder
I'll give them 100 miles before it all craps out and a huge, expensive, natural resource-burning rescue mission has to be launched to rescue these self-indulgent poseurs.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
This boat would be really great for bayou or small lake! I have noticed that I "cruise" at 150 watts on an upright, 100 watts on a recumbant and 40 watts on a rower. Many vegans have had to quit due to clinical malnutrition.
I appreciate their conviction, but with over population and no global conversation on over-breeding, the planet is doomed. Our time as a species is ending.
Derek Howe
Milton - Cows are delicious, I don't care if they crap nuclear waste, I'm still going to eat them.
Way to be a team-player Derek. ;-)
Am I the only one that finds this creeeepy?
Robert Walther
If they use the right current, pedaling won't be necessary. To paraphrase Steven Wright, Anywhere is rowing distance, if you have the time.