Danijela Totic- Klanac
and then the Japanese will eat it!!
You mean 2015....the article said 4-5 years...not 6 years.
Cant wait to actually see an alive mammoth. Zoo\'s will probably take the first few, then we might be able to get enough numbers cloned where they will have baby mammoths, and the species that man killed off, man will revive.
If successful, I\'m hoping they can bring back another ancient beast that man killed off, the saber-toothed tiger! That would be sweet. Who knows, maybe in a century of so, we will be able to bring back dinosaurs, hopefully only the Herbivores......
David Klein
As will I, since I first read of such a magnificent creature, I have had a strong desire to eat a defrosted mammoth steak or mammoth burger...
Jacob William
This is awesome news!
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But I think they need a cold climate to live and the next years will hot because we keep on rising deforestation, we use the papper as we don\'t care, we are reading about hydrogen cars and we can\'t afffort one(the enterprises are more destructives for environement)...
Eric Nyhof
Who said Man killed them off? 150 million remains? I don\'t think we had much to do with that.
But its really cool what they are doing.
I think 2017 is the date that it will be the secret ingredient on Iron Chef America.
By the way, humans didn\'t kill off mammoths. Remember that there\'s 150,000,000 Mammoths in the permafrost of Siberia alone. 4,500 years ago there were only a handful of dudes with spears, and they could feed their tribe for ages on just a single beast. Like it or not, the earth itself abuses life far more effectively than humans do. We\'re the ones who will bring the animal back from extinction... then eat it.
Dodo birds next!!
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Holy Jurassic Park Batman! What\'s next- Dinosaurs?
Pure insanity and stupidity. What\'s next? Clone dinosaurs? Where are those scientific ethic gone? Aren\'t we all going to say something but cheer?