That's wonderful an efficient way to pollute our planet..
Glen Jacobsen
"high compression ratio", does this mean premium gas, which is getting harder and harder to find, and ever more expensive when compared to regular?
Someday that thing will make a good Steampunk artifact. Sooo twentieth century. C'mon Audi.
This is simply finding a less hungry horse. Horses are out and so is the Internal combustion Engine.
So you all think they shouldn't try to make IC engines more efficient then? I'm all for coming up with a better answer but in the meantime doesn't it make sense to make the only currently viable (for people that don't live inside a city) automotive propulsion method more efficient?
DonnGross, internal combustion engines are out? Tell that to the auto manufacturers. I don't see hybrids and electric motors replacing IC engines within my lifetime. Cyndy, how does less pollution equate to "no progress" in reducing pollution? Jaxx003, how does progress in the 21st century seem archaic to you? Getting more than twice the MPG as 20th century engines is worth something.
Martin Hone
Um...reduced crank angle to reduce intake time AND closing the intake valve earlier....same thing ?
I agree with Mach and 65tux. So much of the time on Gizmag comments all we get is bleating, whining negativity. Donn, jaxx etc. it's very ease to criticize the efforts of others, much harder to come up with constructive criticism that would improve the product and even harder still to come up with something yourself. I look forward to the day when you and your ilk grace the pages of Gizmag with something new and innovative so the rest of us can all pile on the what a load of crap comments.
Bill Bennett
Have they done anything about intake valve deposit issues that Direct Injection engines have? It is not free to clean them every 30,000 miles.
Notice that none of the negative comments are from people that are actively inventing anything. You type crap on social media, good for you. At least you are not in the way of people making actual progress. Here is a news flash for all of you people living in fantasy land. Truly green tech will come in increments. You wont see 40 MPG and then 1 year later 3000 MPG and then 1 year later 0 fuel/0 emissions. I hate this generation of kids that is so used to instant gratification. The rate at which cars are improving is accelerating, this is a good thing. Have a problem with the pace? Get educated and join the generation of people actually working to improve technology.....or just type crap on social media.