That's great. When can I buy one? Or is this one of those Tesla-esque tease-jobs where the time from revelation to driveway is somewhere north of 4 years?
Annother car nobody needs. What's so big about it? Economy, ecology? The technology used is an old thing. Please report on more modern means of transport.
Even Electrics can pollute with the best of 'em...
Marc Scarpelli
Ughh! Looks like an SUV with a shameless inferiority complex...and sounds like a dentist drill in horror film. Ewww!! Express as much disdain toward me as you want, but I'd gladly take the authentic throatiness of an all-business V-8 ICE with heft. And if it has to be a Ford, make mine a BULLITT-series 'Stang.
But I can actually BUY a Tesla Roadster with more power and handling than I could ever use, so while this is cool, I'd be more impressed if it was a real electric Mustang that could outrun and outrange a Model S P100D...
a step in the right direction...now the hard part, actually shifting production to make the thing....ICE car manufacturers, especially those who make their own engines have a hard time doing it...hope they succeed.
paul c
hopefully more reliable than a tesla, i refuse to ever work on another one. over complicated, over engineered and the sort of electrical connectors you buy from ali or wish.
A couple of posts have already hit the mark: (1) it's body design looks like it was out sourced to the guy that did that ridiculous Honda Civic Type R, and (2) why would one want it? One thing is a definite improvement. All the damned Mustang sport models around here seem to have omitted the muffler system.
The upcoming 2022 Tesla Roadster will eat it for lunch. 0 to 60 in 1.5 seconds, quarter mile in under 7.5 seconds, top speed nearly 300 mph.
4 door Mustang? No thanks