6.7?? my 35k model 3 rearwheel drive is 5.2s. I wouldn't call this a sports car... more like your grand ma's old tuk tuk...
A sports car is much more than just a 0-60 time but many people (especially Americans) find that hard to believe.
Appart that the "Originality Police" will be crying out, this is a good and great idea.
If someone ignorant thinks 6.7s is not enogh to create a sportscar feeling, I dare you to try.
AC's can handle corners AND drive straight ahead and give fun every mile.
Something US cars in general does absolutely not.
And the build quality and finish of the AC is far superior to any Model 3, any Tesla.
Well most cars are build with better finish...
Tesla's US finish is very plastic-like.
But the AC is built for people that love driving and the intimacy in the driving experience between driver and car, not for ignorant everyday US-drivers.
Malcolm Jacks
Beautiful lines, I love the old cars what character, pity some of the today manufactures dont look back more and take another look at some of the Greats old designes .
But it isn't going to sound like a 4.7 litre V8 with side pipes, is it?
When you want to just drive/travel, that's not much range.
Too bad it's a limited run of 58. That makes it a toy for millionaires. I wish they would go into proper production.
Ben Samways
Would you have kept the exhaust (tail) pipe and fuel cap? I might even have even re-retro'ed the grill. Gorgeous shape. Classic doesn't have to be antiquated.
Nelson Hyde Chick
I want to make an electric Cobra with one of those kits. And the iconic side pipes, make them spoilers to create downforce. Between the downforce at its sides and the lower center of gravity to the battery pack versus an engine, an electric Cobra should handle a lot better than a petrol engine one.
A simple beautiful electric car. Why can't car makers make such things nowadays. Nobody does it. Teslas are way to gadgety and there was no effort to make the LEAF or Bolt beautiful. All others are either way to expensive or super-ugly/useless golf carts. Why can't we have an electric Miata or an actual production super-simple electric one of these, NEW? They would be fun and many people would love them.