Fairly Reasoner
Would YOU go on safari riding a battery? I didn't think so.
So where does one find a charging station hundreds of miles out in the boonies?
Such a nice looking car! Too bad all the nice ones are so premium priced. Can't believe they are making the EV cars so appealing now!!
David V
No one's going on a safari in this car. But that's not really the point is it ? I think this is a fun looking car. True it's a bit like a 21st century Trabunt especially in this strange 50's colour scheme but I love the integrated roofrack and big wheels. While every electric car has gone the (obvious and boring) way of sleek wind tunnelled silhouettes thus all looking the same and usually only priced for the rich this stands out. Looks fun. 400km of autonomie. Sounds good.
It doesn't need a snorkel for air like am IC rally car, but I do wonder how deep under water all the electrics are certified for.
I loved the Ace when it was revealed. I love the Jax even more. Dual motor? Check. AWD? Check. Decent ground clearance? Check.

All you armchair critics who are using literal safari nonsense - stay in your ridiculous oversized suv barges. I’ll be out having fun on local trails and the occasional rallycross race.

Seriously, if this thing stays in the mid-$40k (or lower) range, and can actually pull off 250 miles with those tires, I will be one happy Jax driving camper. Literally.
In the UK we would call the " frunk " a " froot " .
A few [dozen] solar panels and p00f, you're in business. Or a pedal-generator... or a portable hydro generator... or a gas/diesel genny.... etc.. :-) Lots of ways to get the trons in the tank. It just may take a *while* to refuel.

Indeed, from that perspective, it has more legs than a Series 1
Finally a non four door sedan, non suv electric. I like the look of it. I guess they saved some money by getting their hands on some 80's upholstery.
Nelson Hyde Chick
You could go safari with this is you brought along a foldable solar array to lay out to collect sun to charge its battery. Go out, spend a few days out there while the array is recharging the battery, and then drive back.