I think it was about fifteen years ago that I made a small “refundable deposit” on an Aptera, only to watch them dissolve the company a few years later without ever having gone to production.

I wonder whether that deposit will turn out to have been holding me a place in line, all this time, for this new piece of “promiseware.”
This is a B.S. product. Can't the author see that? Quit giving phony mock-up companies a forum!
This product defies the laws of physics and latest solar panel technology outputs. DO THE MATH. Plus, how well does it work on cloudy days? Don't beleave it until you see it. This really is a disservice to the readers, c',mon do some real journalism and CHECK THE NUMBERS (which they wont give you because it they are making it all up)
Spud Murphy
Would be great if they could actually make them happen this time around, but given the previous history, I wonder how many people will risk even a small deposit with them.
Isn't this the same flying car, just without the wings?
Except if you live in Seattle and I wouldn't want to be in an accident, The next Tesla will cost 25k and offers waaaaaaay more. First good looking solar panel integration.
East Coast
Crash test data would be helpful before plunking down money on that thing. A side impact might have motorcycle survival stats.
Rusty Harris
Bump into a bicycle with that thing, and the bike won't be damaged but THAT thing will be destroyed ;)
We drive 85 to 135 miles to visit family or doctors & think this tricycle would do for us. We stay over night most trips, so charging before driving home would not be an issue. A 1500 watt in board charger would do. A 300 mile range battery would get home sans plug in. Our normal overcast weather might make a non solar version most economical. Not needing a fast charger where none exist, is good.
Deja Vu, all over again. Best of luck to you.
I dig unique vehicles...but all 3 wheelers are condemned to be 'Hole finders'. What potholes you miss with left or right front wheel, you catch with the middle one in the back.
As cool as the vehicle is, I wouldn't buy one for personal use.