That "car" doesn't look like it has much in the way of protective material between the occupants and whatever might be smashing into the vehicle in an accident. That is definitely not something anyone would want to be getting into accidents with...
Fine but does it include air conditioning, screens, computers, running music, luggage space, a spare, tools like a jack, dual brake systems, crumple zones, airbags and everything else you need in a real car? Or did they just want to make an academic point in this unstable, unsafe and unrealistic toy?
I'm sure it's a tech marvel, but as mentioned before completely unsafe in a crash. I wonder how harsh the ride would be on a less than perfect road as well, being as light as it is.
I'd love to have one that really works....sad to say, it looks like "vaporware" to me. Oh yeah, I also bought an Eon electric scooter---same deal.
aki009, if it ends up being produced and sold it will have past safety tests.
What about heating, air conditioning, defrosters, etc? It cannot truly be an automobile without the essentials.
Those don't look like they'll do well in safety tests, nor do they look roomy. I think the prices are far too steep for that offering, but it's a cute model, so we'll see if cute can bear the price.
with the cg above the axles and 200hp, high speed handling will get real dicey in a hurry. why 200 hp?
Tom Lee Mullins
I think that is both cool and green. It would be really cool - IMO - to drive that. I am hoping they actually make them now. They said they would before but it didn't happen. I hope it happens now. It is going on my list of possible future cars.
I had to think a few minutes before I remembered the name of those other guys: Elio. (I liked the looks of the Aptera much better but you wanna know who’s better still? Looper’s XR3)