Ya another system just for millionaires and scientists. Sigh.
YES!!! Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology is the way to go. An electric car without any range anxiety because you can just fill it again like a petrol car. I know because I have been running my dedicated Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) vehicle for the last 11 years since I bought it new in 2009. Filling up with hydrogen will be exactly the same as me filling up with LPG. In fact, in Australia most fuel stations serve LPG so the infrastructure is there anyway. Just change the tanks and the LPG pump serves hydrogen instead.
Yawn!! (Stop flogging that dead horse, FCOL!!)
IMHO, car companies, those want to make hydrogen fuel vehicles, really should start w/ doing a whole set of collision safety tests, when the gas tank is full of hydrogen (just like collisions in real world happen w/ full (not empty!) gas tanks)!
This is like running towards the finish line after the race is over. By the time this technology matures, batteries would be cheaper and more power dense. If it takes 5 minutes to refill vs 15 mins, in the end the consumer will adapt. I have a Tesla model 3 mid range. I can drive for almost 3 hrs before I have to juice up. The time to recharge is about 1/2 hr. In that time I take a restroom break and grab a snack. This will only get much better as the next generation chargers reduce that to 1/4 hr . At that time, changing to a hydrogen is really expensive and no where near as efficient.
One way I can see fuel cell is in large trucks or trains where a built in reformer can use a fuel like methane or methanol which already has a infrastructure.
I don't get why Japan and S. Korea are so into FCV. It's not like they have an abundance of natural gas to make hydrogen. Neither country has large sparsely populated areas with long distances between "fueling" stations. BEVs are a much better fit. Fuel cells should be used as a load leveling energy storage system for the grid, not in vehicles. It is also indicative of the automaker's mind set when the FCV prototype looks like a muscle car, but the BEV prototypes look like dorky econo cars.
Ten thousand PSI? Holy wow, that's a lot of pressure, and a flammable substance as well? Someone will have to convince me that a rupture of any kind at those pressures won't result in some kind of massive damage or explosion.
where can I short so ignorant.
I get it they can't produce the batteries needed without billions into battery factories so they try to grasp every straw to somehow paint vehicles as stustinable meanwhile they are nothing but speed bump anymore in the way of Tesla. Seriously where can I find the longest term put's against BMW.
Already made a killing with Tesla.. now time to do the same again with BMW.
T N Args
Notice how the longitudinal H2 tank puts a hump in the car's cabin right where BMW owners expect to see one, and Toyota owners expect to see a nice flat floor.
This thing refuses to die! Saw a video of a FCEV filling up at one of the handful of H2 refilling stations. The driver paid ~ $80 for a tank. How much for a battery refill? 5 or 6 bucks? My favorite graphic that sums it up nicely: