Very cool! But, at night would it be somewhat dangerous? And during the day would it get crazy hot?
Chris Kershner
Should have been the Porsche Panamera.....
Sam H
The real reason they didn't paint it using original Vantablack is that Anish Kapoor owns the exclusive rights to use the stuff, thus depriving the entire artistic community the opportunity of using it in their own work.
Jerome Morley Larson Sr eAIA
Needs wide-stripe reflective white walls, of course!
Obviously if they do a commercial or video for this car they must use The Rolling Stones "Paint It Black"!
This will become the hottest car in the sun ever made and require occupancy sensors so no babies or pets are left in the vehicle !!!
These all-black cars, (and not even a deep shiny black) are uglier than homemade sin. What creativity. How much imagination does it take to paint something all black? My first car was 3 tone and looked great.
This sounds stupidly dangerous on the road, but I'd like to see it used somewhere in the movies.

How about a Vantablack-painted Batmobile, or even a Vantablack version of Batman's cloak and costume?
I was promised starlit backgrounds and some on-road contrast; what happened? I mean, it's almost a contest to see whether someone tries to drive though it, the driver leaves running lights off in the rain and becomes the night that way, or a hummus model tries to drench himself and be seen supported by drips of hummus rather than anything else, but I'm looking forward to that follow-through, tyre partners, Loz's cover of The Stones and all, with thanks!
So what's next? An invisible car? If you ever hit one of these you could just say "Sorry officer, I didn't see it, is it still here?"