"Under current FIA rules, two runs are required in opposite directions within one hour, over a timed mile and a new record mark must exceed the previous one by at least one percent to be validated. Records are set in either the flying kilometre or flying mile." - Wikipedia It's not an official record, so first to 300 mph isn't quite a valid claim. I hope someone else does it the right way and let the mud slinging begin!
An impressive accomplishment! But LOL, was there even a single token Frenchman representing this French brand, albiet owned by Volkswagen? Not even for appearances?
When reporting on a new record it would make sense to mention the previous record.
Super, super, super!
Really useful to all people on the planet and sooo environmentally forward thinking. Well, its Germans so...
Richard Graham
Holy suspension and OIL, batman...who supplied the tires?
And the car break down right after the video. Haha!
David Hutchinson
Big Deal!!! So what if you can drive 300 mph. What's the practicality of 300 mph? Where can you drive 300 mph, 200 mph, 150 mph? It's a pissing match.
Blue Bird 301.129 MPH 1935. I make the observation only and congratulate all involved in this informal record.
Douglas E Knapp
I agree you can't drive 490 very often but driving 200 is a daily thing here in Germany. An as to that comment about germans and environment? I have no idea what you are talking about. The Germans are very prograssevir about saving the Earth.