I love the way the rear spoiler is built into the roof along with the 2 door look
I hope that they include swap-able battery packs in the design and come up with a way to create heat for window deicing and winter driving that does not severely impact the range per charge of the car.
Hope it works out better than the Avro Arrow of the late '50's...
By choosing "Arrow" as the project's name they set an extremely high bar for themselves. Or they're being jerks.
A somewhat less than polished presentation, but clearly they're enthusiastic. I love the design which kind of speaks for itself. Let's hope that the executives in charge of this project refine their telepresence and blue screening, as they will be the face of the product. One has only to consider the impact Steve Jobs had in selling Millions on what was arguably the repackaging of existing technology into an Ikea like presentation. Best of luck though! I would most likely support this project when it reaches fruition.
Dave X
I hope it's cheaper than a Tesla, but I won't hold my breath for an affordable and good-looking electric vehicle.
I consider an electric vehicle not an option for me, because I spend about half the year at sub-zero temperatures, and I don't have a heated garage or a grid connection. The Tesla does work in cold climates, but it does require considerable extra power consumption for heating the batteries to a suitable temperature. Until there's a suitable battery that handles low temperatures, EVs won't be suitable for lengthy outdoor stays. If you limit yourself to drives from heated parking to heated parking, they're probably ok.
Terry O'Leary
Nice but a 4 seater compact truck would sell like hot cakes to the suburbanites.
Cold temperatures and electric vehicles aren't a good mix, as someone has mentioned swappable battery packs already I won't bother, a propane powered heater would be a good addition but that would involve fossil fuels and the purists can't abide that.
Stan Mitchell
cast aluminum frame ,with plastic panels would be a good idea