I hope that battery pack is only put in the cargo area for show. If it can't be done more discreetly, and without killing cargo area, it would be useless. Hopefully they offer different battery shapes for better concealment. And 200hp? May be better than the original motor, but yuck. Inadequate for such a mint square body
I would love to see conversion kits for Mustangs, Wranglers...
The late 1990s Chevy S-10 EV pickups put the batteries under the bed, between the rails. Maybe this is just a show version. Most recent EVs cut weight by engineering a new chassis. EVs shouldn't need a transmission, except as a safety device to cut drive power if the relay contacts fuse closed, which is what early converters knew.
Spud Murphy
zr2s10, no, that's pretty much how they are doing it, TE did a video on it, see https://youtu.be/DM7S2Lk0Gkw

They should have broken the pack up into half a dozen linkable modules, would just have needed simple plug-in cable and coolant links between the modules, not rocket science. That way, the batt could have been redistributed, say 4 under the vehicle between the rails where the old fuel tanks etc were, and one or two under the bonnet.

I expect that someone will do a universal conversion kit like this eventually, the demand will be there...
Gregg Eshelman
@zr2s10 yeah, I'd want the battery pack designed to fit in place of the big 40 gallon gas tank that was available to fit under the rear of the frame on the "Square Body" trucks, which GM called the "Rounded Line". Add additional battery capacity underneath in place of the optional side fuel tanks.
They'll have to do better than 200 HP before I'd consider a kit like that for my clean '04 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. It would also need to include a realistic digital reproduction of the supercharger whine.
Completely without any credibility. Clearly all photoshopped. There is no such thing as a 1977 Blazer whose body has not completely reverted to iron oxide.
Not impressed, apart from at least attempting to offer an alternative to this market.
What kind of confused person would buy this though?
If you want that kind of vehicle for practical reasons, that battery severely compromises that aspect with the battery becoming the load you hoped to be carrying or at least severely limiting it.
If you want electric transport its a poor option compared to many others out there if measured on objective criteria. Bespoke installation, more servicing hassles, design not optimised from factory for this vehicle etc.
Because they left some of the original driveline system in there you still have some of the hassles of old school maintenance in additional complexity of the new electric systems.
If you want the tesla like performance the heavy old school body will destroy that hope when matched up with the "adequate" outputs.
It doesnt look slick at all, doesnt have much power, range is likely compromised. You have got to really want "green" bragging rights to install this thing.

Michael son of Lester
I really love this concept but I also hope that when this conversion hits the market the range is better and there is room for more than one passenger.
Gotta be photoshopped. No way a 1977 Chevy Blazer hasn’t long ago been rendered 100% iron oxide. Starting early on in the area directly above the fenders where the poor body design trapped water.