Can you imagine what it would be like for an alien coming here and seeing THAT? OK, where do I get it?
Hang on... Is it still 1st April...?
It seems almost odd to me that they decided to build in a kitchen and it has 2 sinks. When space is that limited does it really need a cooking surface and separate kitchen sink? For the people that need a cook surface it seems like a small portable stove for those circumstances would be fine and you wouldn't need to build the infrastructure of the kitchen into the camper. Does the office really need 2 chairs? Does the bathroom need to be in a separate structural room when you could save precious floor space just putting the toilet in the main room? Even if the smell was a concern you could isolate the toilet into a container like a cabinet with 1/4 of the space and having the sink face inward would save the need for a 2nd one for the kitchen anyway.
Seeing that picture, I have to wonder if anyone here recalls a certain project that one Jeremy Clarkson built for Top Gear, some years ago. No, it is nowhere near as tall, but there IS a resemblance! [grin!]
Dave Holland
This a good answer to the question "how could anyone possibly make the Tesla truck uglier?
This is like sticking the Ryugyong Hotel on top of the Humboldt Box. Not a redeeming quality anywhere.
I think that is clever. It takes an ugly truck (in my opinion but others might like it) and makes it into a camper.

It does remind me of Jeremy Clarksons camper but not as tall and way more practical.
Just thought I'd give a voice to those who like this. First I personally like the truck itself and I don't like pickup trucks. Second, I think this camper is great. Though @Daishi makes good practical suggestions, he is missing the mindset of people who would buy this. This is for those who like what is referred to as "glam" camping.
Wow...This is a FULL Yanko...

SO incredibly ugly, with terrible, 1st year design school rendering...

How do those nesting sections seal? Lock? Keep stable?

About 10 inches would probably be lost JUST in having those sections nest into each other if the TOP section is the FuLL width of the closed bed? And the bed expanding sections nest into the larger sections?

Ugliest Small Dog House on a Cybertruck EVER... Because that's about the ONLY living thing that could truly fit inside this monstrosity...

This is...just kind of a joke, right?
Those round wheels do not fit to the rest of style. Change them, Elon!