just 10-20 years too late
Further to my humble last on this motor carriage:

1: Draft 2 to main point noted:
I now note from close view of video above that the fan outlet has a fairly close grill behind external spoked grill piece.
The inner and finer of the two will most prob' stop most emissions of stones etc picked up and ejected through fan.
2: Addendum - Omission:
Forgot to make note of thought another, thought obvious, point, viz:
What will be the effect of road debris sheet plastic (bags etc) / similar being sucked to fan inlets?
Of full point of consequence - Will adhesion be lost (suddenly?) at high speeds?
The Law of Sod states that such will always happen when all 'on the edge'
ie. In worst possible situation.
+ + +
Conclusion to Date:
From views and info' available (ie. at this point), me humble opinion is that the vehicle is suitable at full use to/near its limits only on closed tracks and is not suitable for use such on public roads where speed limits allow.
ie. Thought suitable for track speed record attempts where no other cars are in proximity.
eg. Speed trials a la Nuremberg Ring + Pikes Peak + Hill climbs similar.

Do hope I'm wrong.

Best Regards + Good Luck
Very interesting engineering, confused as to why a car that tries to shave every pound would have so many speakers? That said, this will simply be another plaything for the wealthy folks in Dubai to race each other down the main street, and the new Tesla Roadster (and any other hyper exotic that embraces electric motors) will eat it for lunch.
It is a really well-written article, and a fine car to be certain! Truly state-of-the-art. But the fact that there are people in this world who will drop 20 million dollars on a car while they drive past people who live in their cars without a backward glance is the reason this system needs an overhaul. Also, this vehicle is already an atavism when considered against the fact that virtually every spec will be dwarfed by the next electric supercar.
Nice for sure and I'm sure they will all be sold pretty fast! To bad those same buyers don't show that much consideration for children around the world that go hungry while they buzz around in their 4 million dollar car! Pretty pathetic really!
“design genius Gordon Murray says he's truly 100 percent happy with”.

Except it is ugly and the tail looks like a caricature of a cartoon car.
Bruce H. Anderson
I love it. It has soul. And class. Yeah I know, electric blah-de-blah, digital is better than analog, and microfiber is better than fine wool. That misses the point. It is a different target market and I wish I had the wherewithal to be in it.
Only on earth; won't be required in Heaven, 'cause we can travel faster than thought....
It's priced too low, if the main reason to buy it is to show that you're richer than the other rich enthusiasts. I hope at least one crazy-rich person actually drives it, maybe even gets some scratches on the paint. (If you're a billionaire, that price is like an ordinary person spending maybe a grand on a beater.)
Nelson Hyde Chick
Another toy for the wealthy as the rest of humanity is left to rot.