What the heck?!? Now, all the cool nice looking cars are electric? This is another car I would like in ICE version.
No worries, @ChairmanLMAO. You can still grab a gas-guzzler...for a few more years, anyway, during which time you can strike oil in your back garden and learn how to turn it into gasoline.
42. Yessiree, that vast amount of solar roofing will power that car for a whopping 42 microseconds. Or it can recharge the low battery in 6-8 weeks, your choice! Sizzle them snausages, Bumble Motors, or was that Humboldt? By 2024, that $109k will have risen to $200k, methinks.
Lots of promises...
"the Humble One is some 766 lb (348 kg) lighter than Tesla's Model S Plaid, while putting out the same kind of power and claiming 500 miles of range against the Tesla's 390 miles. That strikes us as a tad fishy"

Indeed - that's the kind of no BS writing we love at New Atlas!

Theres a reason nobody has seriously put solar panels on the roof of an electric vehicle. It produces a trivial amount of charging capacity at current solar panel efficiences on the limited surface of a vehicle. And even if solar panel technology doubled in efficiency, it would remain a fool's errand.

As the 20+ eVehicle startups in California and elsewhere can attest, hollow boasts, renderings, mockups and one-offs, do not produce a successful ongoing entity. Ask Musk how easy it was.
@BlueOak On top of that, it adds more weight and cost, which is exactly what an EV doesn't need.
80 square feet? So say, 5 feet wide by 16 feet long? I somehow doubt it.
Will Betush
I proposed this concept to Musk three years ago via twitter. Not original, bet the patent doesn't hold up.
I guess the grill is designed to gather plankton to convert into electricity?
That grille, gotta' be quite a drag....and electric cars need that for what reason..?