Joseph Palumbo
I think they should look at the headlight height requirements. Looks great but I don't think you're going to pass DOT rules.
Let's copy a Bugatti but make it ugly!
I would like to see crash test video/results w/ full hydrogen fuel tank (because fuel tanks are full in real world traffic accidents)!

Something tells me the company would never want/allow such a crash test!

(Hint: Because Hydrogen fuel is explosive!)
Why must you constantly show machines practically no one can afford?
Why must you constantly show machines that defy logic/taste/any real chance of ever being manufactured (let alone bought - I suppose there's always Jay Leno)? Or, in short, just 'why'?!
If this becomes reality it will arguably make it the most stunning enviro hyper car in the universe. Many a car designer attempted a space jet fighter look, but these guys nailed it. To the anonymous troll who thinks this is an ugly Bugatti, you need your prescription refilled. Bugatti looks homely next to this beast and will be squarely getting the sads in the XP-1's rear view mirror.
It's one of those things that you either love it or hate it. This is the kind of machine that will constantly draw curious people's attention. If that's your cup of java, fine. Be prepared though because this kind of relentless adulation can get tiresome real quick. Better to stick to desert roads like in the video, but what's with the turbine soundtrack? Bit of a hype job.
let me break some hearts here

that car make my eyes wet, since days, and opens my (designer)-heart

its not even close to a bugatti from design because aerodynamicss are mostly the same on "each" car, as well as the details are clear

bugatti is a "boring german perfectionism car" without a taste

hyperion is all in one, perfection and american muscle at a lvl of 2020

i know i will not drive it this life, as well as i know what im aiming on next life, i want a hyperion

(no joke) ^^)

big thanks to the team and company ...
David V
This is an absolutely drop dead gorgeous car. How can you not love it. The mere fact that we even clicked on this post means it appeals to us. It'll probably never make it to the streets - as it is - but who cares. I'm hoping some of the tech in it may do. Even as a concept car it is a stunning exercise. Keep us informed !
Finally a hypercar (besides the Roadster) that looks to the future, not to the past...