Wow. So much power in such a tiny package.
Indeed ! The doors this is going to open is Unlimited !
Simply amazing and the wave of the future
David Kantor
Michael, you seem to be a smart fellow. A bit of advice from a really old guy who's been in business for many years. Don't think small and want to keep it in house and in your backyard. If you hit it big time, you'll have to leave home eventually. License your work to the big boys, make a lot of money and share the money with your neighbors. Elon doesn't want to build a gigafactory in J'Burg or Cape Town. He goes to the market place and gets his product out there. All the best, keep on swinging.
Eddy Vleminckx
ever heard of skyway?
SkyWay high-speed transport speed is up to 500 km/h: this is twice faster than the fastest Russian train “Sapsan”
the SkyWay urban transport reaches speed of 150 km/h: this is twice as fast as buses.
the SkyWay cargo transport reaches the speed of up to 150 km/h
"our focus is to develop and produce in-house, not license and mass produce a product."
Hopefully this doesn't bite them in the arse. If they can't meet volume for a certain customer, they should license it, and use that money to grow their own manufacturing. I certainly wouldn't give any company exclusive rights. That way, when someone sees how well their motor designs work, they'll be able to purchase/license them for their own projects.
So, it "can thrust a [something] from rest to [250 km/h] in a fraction of a second"? What fraction? Oh, let's assume one-half. Then that's 14 gravities of acceleration. Passengers? No, there are no passengers; there might be litigants, but no passengers.
While I appreciate the depth of the article, I... don't.

There are lots of motors. When reporting on them, here are the metrics that matter:
1. kW/kg
2. Efficiency
3. Cost (often determined by their use of rare earth magnets)
When reporting, please ensure to put that data up front, so I can get my information and move on.

Oh, and the drag race thing? For heavens' sake, don't tell me what a dragster is "projected to do." Tell me what it's done, once it's actually done it.

First, the hyperloop was supposed to "float" on a cushion of air. Then it was maglev. Now it's driven by a motor. By the time someone claims to have built one it will be a train.
I value this because of its stated scalability and power density (which wasn't really stated in proper terms). But, hey, they have their heads on right. From my standpoint, since I am on the East Coast of the US, I'm sorry their opening up shop in Seattle. I could market this, once performance data is validated, in a heartbeat.