Sorry but accelerating from 0 to 60 isn't in league with the big boys. Try 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds for the new 2020 Tesla Roadster.
Vince - you’re totally missing the point. Very few people will cross shop this vehicle with the Tesla. First, this car will cost at least five times the projected Tesla Roadster, and second this is a car that will appeal to the gas crowd - it’s a hybrid only in the most technical sense. At 2.8 seconds to 60mph, it’s doing just fine against other gassers. There will be faster cars, but none will wear the Bull on the hood, and that will move as many of these as Lamborghini needs.

Meanwhile, this is the second or third design I’ve seen use an electric motor for reverse. That is just brilliant. If you’re going to have the motor anyway, the weight and complexity of a transmission with no reverse is a wonderful option!!
I do not think vince is missing the point at all. If I chose to spend the money on a supercar I would have one that can outrun any other at any time, and do it without the $20,000 tuneups required of the Aventador. The Tesla (and Rimac) are the world beaters and until Ferrari and Lambo come out with one of their own they will steal their lunches...
Michael Shewell
Quite honestly, it, to me, is a far more visually pleasing car that most I've seen on the road at all, and I certainly like it more than the Tesla. Even the interior is sharp. I'd like to have either.
Guzman, the people buying the Sián will promptly take delivery and park it next to their three special edition Veyrons, laFerrari, and various sundry invaluable vintage works of art. There it will rot. The guy who buys the Sián will buy Porsche Taycans for all his kids to trash. Maybe (hopefully?) a few of these will see action on track days and maybe even be seen on a freeway near you, but trust me, the vast majority of these will serve as trophies of wealth and access.
minivini, Unfortunately you are 100% correct. I think the beauty of the Tesla (and the new Corvette if I'm honest) is that the Tesla is (relatively) simple as far as moving parts go, and the Corvette is cheap enough where people will actually go out and enjoy them...
Guzman, right on. An interesting part of the super-EV trend is an almost democratization of of hyper quick cars. With the Teslas, Rimacs, and the upcoming Taycan we are seeing unprecedented 0-60 and 0-100 times for money that, while expensive, makes million dollar cars seem superfluous. Honestly, there aren’t many Ferrari/Lambo cars that I find appealing any more in favor of vintage European models. One exception is the Lamborghini Asterion. That’s a lottery winning car for me.
I suspect that you don't have to use electric power to reverse. Just use the gearbox as per normal.
Guys -- these cars are about handling, driving experience, throaty engine roar and sex appeal. 0 - 60 is just one of many things. I'd rather buy the Lambo. Not convinced? OK, are women going to turn their heads when you drive by in a Tesla? No.
BTW, great use of super-caps. Excellent thinking.