I seems they hadn't figured out pusher props yet.
The inventors should have put the prop in the back of the plane like hydrofoils do. And then use it like a rudder to turn the vehicle as well. But reverse gear is a no brainer and wouldn't exist--at least not with gas motors.
Swamp buggies have taken this idea to the water, successfully.
How about having a horizontal prop under the floor, acting as a ducted fan? (not in a swamp buggy!)
If he'd put two engines on the front and two at the back with the drive shafts perpendicular to the horizontal axis and added 4 propellors, he could have beaten every other company trying the same thing by 100 years.
You could truly blow away the opposition in this..
Awesome, simply Awesome.
The electric version would be quieter, and I bet you could fit a much-higher efficiency prop/shroud nowadays. Am I right in observing that the original models had no suspension whatsoever?
I'm also a fan of using a pusher prop to help with many of the objections. As for reverse, just tip the blades over and the same rotation pulls it backward. Even so, it's a wonderful an doomed idea.
David V
I saw one of these at Montlhery Speed Week near Paris in 2015. What a blast. And it was actually racing around the circuit ! There were many great old cars there - all pre-war of course but this was something else to see. Absolutely crazy idea but awesome. I'm sure it'll be there for the next edition in 2021.
Would be loud as hell, just like swamp-boats. Imagine the noise of even one on a city street. Then think of a bunch of them. Imagine the blasts of wind that pedestrians would have to put up with. Then there's the hazard of the spinning props at hand/head/etc. level. I dont see any drum or disc brakes either.