If I had any excuse for this thing I would be on it in a minute. Enough zip to carry pretty much anything, enough range to just not worry, and I can run a compressor and a chop saw in the middle of nowhere. I can see the ad now where they fill the bed with tools, attach a trailer with lumber, sheathing and other supplies, and just drive out to a site and build a small house. (OK, you'd need the footings.)
Needs more towing capacity, and hopefully the bed capacity (not listed?) is a little more impressive. I'm a little anxious about hub motors for anything that may ever see off-road or snow/ice. My personal favorite of all the future trucks that I can't afford would have to be the Nikola Hydrogen hybrid
Tesla's Cyber truck has a 300+ mile range for $49,000. Far faster, tows more (10,000 versus 7500), more room, more features, super charger network, etc, etc. Poor excuse for a truck just like Ford and GM !!
Looks good to me but running power tools could be a problem. Some tools could no doubt use enough battery power to leave you stranded when it's time to go home.
Derek Howe
This truck could sell very well, after the federal tax rebate, she'll cost ya 45k, that's pretty much standard these days for a new truck, plus your getting one that should require next to nothing for maintenance over the life of the vehicle. The biggest downsides is that it's from a startup, so they have little experience in making vehicles, which are incredibly complicated. Dyson spent nearly a billion dollars before they threw in the towel, Faraday is dead, Lucid is on life support, Bollinger's still struggling to make it to market, Nikola looks to be a scam, and Byton can't even pay it's workers. So while EV's are simpler vehicles to make them ICE vehicles, they are NOT easy.
I'm rooting for Lordstown Motors, Might even buy one in a couple years...if they are still around (which I think they will be).
Since there is no motor up front why is there a long nose? if they brought the cab forward they could have a standard size box without having a longer vehicle.
Love the reviews. Please spend more time on features that would take advantage of being able to bring power to campsites, work sites and tailgating. Also, is anyone building towable batteries to extend mileage or drop at campsite etc.? Expensive but uhaul could rent to city evs that don't go far for occasional longer trips. Thanks.
Describe the battery (kwh, battery chemistry, who makes it and how many of what is in it) and the charging system.
Yes, I agree with Username, "cab-forward" could lead to a real useful truck, one that could carry 4'x8's flat in the bed, but still not have a humongous wheelbase. ALSO :-) in future, the absence of power shafts to the wheels COMBINED with caster-like connection of the wheel to the body would allow a hub-motor vehicle to spin in place! zero-turn, right? or go perfectly sideways into a very tight parking space. The caster tech to rotate each wheel might be similar to the tech rotating a military tank's turret (except upside-down and a lot smaller) In the meantime, more power to Endurance and everybody in Lordstown!
Good luck, Lordstown. I'm leery of how they'll seal hub motors from the crap we drive through. The towing specs are funny, as in "250 mile range (or 37 miles with full tow load.)"