Spud Murphy
Will believe it when they are producing them and independent testers can confirm these specs. Until then, it's still just vapourware.
Hogwash. 517 miles on 130 kW battery is 3.97 and Tesla model S is 493 mikes on 100 kW which is 4.03. Tesla is more efficient. Time to go back school and learn some basic math.
@Vince. Tesla would be 4.93 then according to my maths 😉
So it can go nearly as far on a full battery as my old Mercedes coupe on a full tank of diesel. Mine takes two or three minutes to refill, how long does that take to recharge?
Robert Gladu
agreed they have to produce before they can claim a car that isnt being produced has that range, they need to produce, have no cars go up in flames etc
Yeah, right.
Last week it was Cadillac gonna kick Tesla's butt..
I'll wait until I see an Air on the road to believe.
Maybe the media should as well...
Because someone who can afford a 1,000-hp car is going to be desperately worried about range. They'll just have their assistants park additional cars wherever they think one might be useful. (Although I would be interested to see what the real number is. Electric-motor peak HP numbers tend to be 3-5x actual output.
That this prototype achieved a drag coefficient of 0.21 (the best competitors are .22 or .23) means they must have superb aerodynamics engineers who got their say throughout the design phases. Or they just taped up all panel gaps for testing (which has stunning effects on any vehicle).
That looks almost identical to a Tesla Model S from the side..
@Robert Gladu, have you compared fuel powered automobile fires to that of electric vehicle fires, per unit vehicle? I'm not suggesting overall figures, but fires per billion miles, a reference taken from money.cnn.com (https://money.cnn.com/2018/05/17/news/companies/electric-car-fire-risk/index.html). Electric vehicles are showing as five fires per billion miles traveled, ICE vehicles are fifty-five fires per billion miles.

Fuel powered vehicle fires are commonplace and barely noteworthy, yet EVs get "panic press" everytime there's a spark.