Tesla's stock price these days should help Lucid lure investors but I think they still have a long way to go. I get their business model of starting with the most expensive model first but they still have to finish the factory and produce these with a base price of $170k. All the on board systems and electronics are going to be a first release so it's possible that the people who are first in line are going to be beta testing for them and there is a chance support could just go away if the company goes bankrupt. Lucid is not building their own charging network which means most 3rd party charters you find aren't going to be anywhere near their theoretical max charging speeds. The car looks nice though.
80k base price. Hopefully I strike oil
This is the first Tesla Model S competition I've seen...
@Rakkasan The 80k base version probably won't ship for a couple years and the industry isn't at a stand still. Some of these new electric car companies are in a race against Tesla's ability to close the gaps in their own product line (Roadster, Model Y, Cybertruck etc.). I'm sure Lucid could make some headlines being quicker than the Model S Performance but Roadster will steal some of their thunder when it launches. Rivian is more like a traditional truck than Cybertruck but Tesla might offer another smaller truck later that's more traditional looking. Yes there is a market for other electric car companies but the window is closing a bit and it will start to get harder to launch new electric car companies as the gaps are filled in with new models.
@Rakkasan - you mean lithium and cobalt, right?
Would have thought that with that performance the Air Dream edition would have better-supporting seats in the rear even if it meant going down to 2 seats as the rich generally only have 2 kids and the car will probably spend a lot of its time sideways on corners.
Who is the target audience for this? The silicon valley douchebag? This is so out of the price range of so many people and the charging stations don't even exist in a lot of locations (such as NYC, having THREE in NYC, isn't exactly convenient) and where they do, they're usually being hogged for hours.

The pricetag is ridiculous. The car itself is asking to be stolen. Who would buy this thing?
Those rear seats look about as comfortable as a park bench.
"production-ready" haha, can you say "hype" and that's the polite word. How about a "production" review as in review a a car that has rolled off a production line. "We suppose that leaves some "wait and see" left to play out," ya think?
Expensive competition for Elon, eh? Looks like a very nice vehicle and has great range.