From the sublime to the ridiculous, and a good portion of them are over the top. My ego doesn't have enough cash for any of these monsters, and if I did have the moolah, wouldn't spend it on this overkill. There is a sheer joy in driving a car to its limits, but when the limits are so far away, they can only be had on a racetrack, which is nuts.
Nelson Hyde Chick
How small does one's penis need to be that they need to compensate for their shortcomings with a car that has over a thousand horse power?
What ever happened to sanity? Who in their right mind, is going to purchase on of these things? The only thing these cars will do, is put you in jail.
Let's see a road test, if you can find one that isn't a garage queen.
Look, I have means. I can buy one of these no problem. But for some reason the sheer stupidity and inefficiency of a piston going up and down and the wasted heat and the noise (although glorious to be sure) just doesn't impress me at all anymore. I'm sure folks from Dubai are lined up around the block to drive these along sand covered blacktop but as machines of modern superpower it's just old news. Why oh why isn't there an electric Ferrari to eat Tesla's lunch? Am I missing something?
@guzmanchinky the three most powerful cars on the list are all electric. Buy one, then giz a drive! :D
The sheer number of these makes it so that none of them are special.
Enrico Gussoni
- Vanda Dendobrium
- Corbellati Missile
- Saleen S7 LM
- Ariel Hypercar EV
- Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003
- Tesla Roadster

From the past:
Lotec C1000
To answer some of the questions here, the average Bugatti owner owns 84 cars, three private jets, and a yacht. The kinds of people that buy these are the kinds of people that will just take one of each because they shit money. Why do they do it? It's an intentional display of extreme wealth. Even if you are not a rockstar if you have enough money you can pretty much purchase rockstar status. I'm sure there are some uses for rock star status both personal and professional. I'd like to think if I were a billionaire that I wouldn't be that kind of person but I'll need $15-20 billion to know for sure :)
I don't want to read about absurd hybrid/ICE obscenities,just EVs.