Nothing powered by fossil fuels is innovative towards the future.
Had a dual turbo 300Z... best car I ever owned. I wish they would reintroduce that 400 hp engine in the USA.
I owned a 260 Z in the 70's but, because I live in Canada, this car was the worst piece of junk I ever owned as they are not made for cold climates. Also, the uni-body on these Z cars used to rust out and cause the car to actually break in half, a real safety issue.
It looks great! Like a reliable Jaguar!
Had a 73 240Z most fun car I ever owned. I would buy this... or beta test in SOCAL.
I agree with Vince
YES! Manual Rowing Included! Lets hope this retro makes it to production. Really, a naturally aspirated inline-6 would be "more fun" imo :-)
Bruce H. Anderson
PIty about the rectangular grille. I encourage a little tweaking there before it gets to market. Everything else looks pretty darn good.
Nelson Hyde Chick
Vince, there is no future as long as humanity is allowed to swell by billions more.
Fairly Reasoner
If retro is a year ago, or so.