Simply put today's designers are so entrenched in 90's style aerodynamics that they have ruined the experience of electric cars for many.

There simply is no reason we can't return to the extravagant styles of the 1920's (model T style) or 1950's (with fins, etc) when making electric cars.

Everyone thought VW would follow through with it's VW Buzz to make a nice new EV based on it's 1950's Bug. But no, then they go and design another ugly SUV style vehicle instead.

No Thanks VW.
Love the shape
@VincentWolf Bruh, The ID Buzz is not an SUV.
It looks like an attempt to design an SUV by applying 21st century styling and materials to the Maserati Boomerang.
Paleochoc: I said it looks like an SUV based on the spy photos of the production car which is shaped like a typical SUV and not the concept bus style shown to public. I didn't say it IS an SUV.
In reality the windshield has such a bad angle you can't see through it.
Vincent, aero doesn't have to be bad looking as most cars, SUVs today have a basically aero shape, they just screw them up with details.
There is a reason we don't return to those antiques, they take 2-3x the power, fuel to go 70mph is so obvious.
The Buzz wasn't designed after the bug, a sedan, but the microbus van and I agree they screwed it up royally but we'll see when we see the real front, not the disguise seen recently many think is.
What's interesting is your rant, the old microbus is actually aero and with minor clean up, very aero and a favorite to convert to an EV because it's light and aero. But VW refuses to build like that.
Don Duncan
Recently, a whistleblower has testified that the top EU legacy makers conspired for five years to avoid/delay eco vehicles as long as possible. These drawings will probably never be used. Innovation, progress, paradigm shifts come from new companies, if they can find a way around the political corruption the legacy makers have used against them getting started. Enterprise struggles to be free, as it is an expression of the best among us, to overcome the worst. Few can brave the politics.
Two are Tesla and Aptera. They represent our future, if we are to have one. The mainstream media (MSM) is not their friend. Ignorance and envy are easily manipulated by MSM to combat change.
Typical pipe dream that any design 101 student can see as such. Too flat windshield unless they find some magic material won't work and the rear view is spectacular too..without mirrors and a back window yeah nothing like creating some buzz with some pipe dreams
Why is it that every concept car has Bus sized wheels with low profile tyres as thick as a strip of masking tape with about 10mm of suspension travel. Top that off with a ground clearance that would have trouble getting over a pebble.
Then the car that is released looks nothing like the concept.