Ridiculous is a more than sufficient description. No need for the other adjectives.
Meh. Get a Rivian - better in every way, and will keep working after the upcoming mutant Covids shut down oil.
Charlie Channels
Way too heavy and clumsy.... cumbersome and intruding for the rest in everyday driving (where most of them will go). Dinosaurs are long gone.... why not choose much smarter alternatives?
Bruce H. Anderson
Lots of people missing the point already. This is a truck for hairy-chested men. I am guessing that all the scoops and vents are not functional, but are there for the boys.
The 252 HP different between the Raptor and TRX is about what I get out of my 4500 lb. SUV with a V6. While it's still not close to a Tesla in a 0-60 at 4.5 seconds it's a full second faster than the current Raptor. It sounds like Ford my respond with a crazier Raptor. I'm sure the electric trucks will launch with faster acceleration but acceleration isn't the only thing that matters and they still don't exist. It sounds like Dodge and Ford are trying to make the competition interesting at least.
The Hummer and Tesla Truck both go 0-60 in 3 seconds or less. Significantly faster. And they probably have more features for basically the same price. Oil is so old school. Why are you even bothering to report on these farty machines?
Where are the 'easter egg graphics'?
Something mentioned twice should be shown.
Boring, wasteful, old school. Only for people that are exceptionally ill informed and unaware of what this world really needs. NewAtlas "aims to inspire..." This is anything but inspiring. The enthusiasm of the writer is misplaced. This is quite sad.
To each his own. If you're a hairy-chested adrenaline junkie who needs to go ripping up the countryside or to tow thousands of pounds of trailer trash, then this behemoth is for you. If you never go off road and rarely need the gobs of power it provides, then your macho sensibilities will still be satisfied with a little show and tell. And it sure looks mean.
Ah yes, because what everyone wants to hear while out in the wilds is a V8 being revved and 702hp causing small landslides and erosion.
This is a stupid vehicle that's dangerous to both the planet and other road users, which should not be road legal without a higher licence category, and which will be purchased by people trying to compensate for something.