Jose Gros
Yeah! 3'000 HP in an street car is horrifying, as efficiency of Internal Combusiton Engines falls to shit below 25-30% of full load; in a flat highway, at the 'legal' speed, little more than 20-30 HP is used for this size of car. Calculations are up to the reader, but besides the appeal for some purchasers, a Dragster's power engine inside a common car is wastefulness, I challenge any owner of this type of car to have more than 44% of available power running. Blessings +
Wish he'd put his obvious genius int5o development of EV's & batteries!
Really, the ICE is dying fast, this thing is a waste of his talent.
All of the lightweighting stuff could be used for a real vehicle, with serious implications for mileage or EV range. (It's a virtuous psiral, because the less deadweight you have, the less suspension/brakes/motors/transmission/etc you need to start and stop it, and the less weight of those components ditto, plus smaller components can enable a smaller body...)
What a let down - just another traditional 4-valve turbo motor. Versus the email tease saying “3000 HP combustion” rather than the more accurate “internal combustion” as it disappointingly turns out.
Gizzy Magpie
ICE muscle car? Is this guy living in the 1990s?
This reminds me about the story of a Champion weightlifter who went to Africa, and when talking to the chief of a local tribe was asked, "so what do you do?" and the man then showed him his poses and how his muscles looked, to which the chief replied "that's it, that's what you do? What's the point?"
When are you numbchucks gonna realize that these are wheels that breathe with a throttle and scream like a banshee using the latest tech to reach speed and performance figures that break boundaries. There will be many more new electric hypercars to drool over. Get over it. Don't just poo-poo it because it doesn't have a battery and electric motors. Spiros Panapoulos is coming from a background literally unheard of in Greece, like Koenigsegg in Sweden. In this crazy Corona climate, he was wise not to release this car in Geneva and wait for better timing. His concept is so outrageous and full of adrenalin that flows in the blood and dreams of youthful enthusiasm.
"We imagine Pirelli and Michelin executives are doing their best to hide from Spyros and his modest nine-man team when they call." Another entertaining article by Loz Blain. Now where do I get one? More importantly, suggestions on how to improve my financial outlook so I can afford one. And where I can unleash it to enjoy 3g acceleration and 300+ mph.
The generative-design features in Fusion 360 are free all this month and next, for anyone wanting to try that out themselves.
Jim E
HR Giger would approve.