Sorry, but *why on Earth* would you want to put a stinky, no-doubt, fossil-fuel-burning engine back into a perfectly good EV? It may be more efficient than a petrol or diesel engine but only marginally so. And it's still buring fossil fuels! (Please start don't wittering on about 'bio-fuels' - it's completely silly).

Talk about a solution looking for a problem!!
Bob Stuart
Have these folks said anything about how they plan to beat diesel efficiency with available materials? Carnot demands the maximum peak temperature, and that has always meant intermittent combustion. Synthetic fuel from wind and air alone is now becoming economic, so I don't mind that.
With that range and 31.5mpg it must have a 40 gallon fuel tank. My 2001 Nissan micra would cover 1200miles if I installed 40 gallon tank.
With turbines they are generally all or nothing so you need battery storage that will take the very high power input (or use the power immediately). The 45 and 15kW turbines are interesting - the 15kW must be quite small. But as martinwinlow says, it's still nuts to burn anything to provide propulsion and they'd do better to convert that 40 gallons (which equals about 300 pounds) in to battery storage and have a slightly lower range. - Who drives 1200 miles in one stint?
Only a range of 1200 miles on 20 gallons of fuel?!! Why not 5,000 miles? I can buy 5,000 lumen projectors from China for only $120. Brand name projectors with that power cost $3,000 or more, but here's the catch: their performance is pretty close to what they claim. Let someone test drive your car for 1200 miles, Techrules. Let's see how many times they have to refuel that 80-liter tank. Turbine engines are less efficient than piston engines, and micro-turbines are even less so. Heat recovery improves efficiency, but it's complicated, bulky, expensive, and it improves efficiency more the larger the turbine. Commercial 43 megawatt combined-cycle turbine power plants are much more efficient than 3 megawatt ones. An 80 kilowatt micro-turbine? Not so much. And two of them? Yeah, right. Get yourself a 150 gallon fuel tank and maybe we can go 1200 miles.
That could be great tech for the EV popularization before proper batteries are developed. Hybrid cars could use these micro-turbines worldwide.
I for 1 think that current EVs (like Tesla) absolutely need a (micro-turbine) range extender (that can work w/ a variety of fuels like diesel & bio-diesel)! Because electric charging infrastructure for EVs still quite lacking (especially for long trips)! (& sometimes people do not have time to wait for charging!) (& why (bio-)diesel (not gasoline) because (bio-)diesel do not easily start a fire & burn you alive in accidents!)
Joe Henderson
dphiBbydt asked, "Who drives 1200 miles in one stint?" I've done it quite a few times, and still do some 1000+ mile days. It's 1000 miles just to get from one side of Texas to the other. Check out the Iron Butt Association--we do 1000-1500 miles in a day, on motorcycles.
Douglas Rogers
I am waiting for turbines to become cost competitive for home standby power.
"Sorry, but *why on Earth* would you want to put a stinky, no-doubt, fossil-fuel-burning engine back into a perfectly good EV?" --- So you can still get home when the battery goes flat?
This will eventually be the end of reciprocating ICE generators